Ultra Mix FAQ

How is Ultra Mix different?

- Ultra Mix is a rich, extra fine Winterstone formula with increased strength, toughness and bonding properties.  It is a casting medium ideal for face coats either brushed on or slush cast where the sculptor desires a more refined and highly polishable/burnishable surface, or to achieve a metallic effect with or without the addition of metallic powders (iron, bronze, brass, etc.)

What effects can I create with Ultra Mix?

- Here's just a few examples of effects you can create with Ultra Mix

How much water do I use to make a batch of Ultra Mix?

- Generally it is 1 part water to 3 parts dry mix.  (Technically 29-36 parts water per 100 parts dry mix by weight or volume.)  

What is the working time for Ultra Mix?

- Ultra Mix has a pot life of 40-50 minutes.

How much metallic powder can I add to Ultra Mix?

- Added metallic powders should not exceed 1 part metallic to 4 parts Ultra Mix to create a metallic effect.  Together the metallic and ultra mix are considered the dry mix for measurement by volume purposes.

Using Ultra Mix to Achieve a "Metallic" Bronze Effect - Step-by-step instructions

1A.  Cast sculpture

- Add 1 part Burnt Umber Colorit-FX to 4 parts water.  Use this water to mix into the Ultra Mix dry powder (not necessary to add metallic powder).  Use this Ultra Mix for the face coat.  Using the same water, mix with Casting Mix and/or Sculpting Mix for the backup layers until the desired thickness is achieved (using the same coloured water ensures that white will not show through).  After demolding clean seams/make repairs as required using Ultra Mix and the same water mixture.  When finished allow sculpture to cure for 3 days

1B.  Built-up sculpture

- If using Sculpting Mix to build-up a sculpture, build as normal until the last couple of layers utilizing water with 1 part Burnt Umber Colorit-FX to 4 parts water.  Use a thicker mix of Ultra Mix for the final 1 or 2 layers.  When finished allow sculpture to dry for 3 days.

2.  Surface patina

- If the Winterstone sculpture was made without integrally pigmenting the Ultra Mix, an optional step to "kill the white" is to apply Antique Amber or other color reactive stain with a brush to the whole sculpture.  While still wet dab with a sponge to create a mottled/blended effect.  Allow to dry.

- Mix a surface patina by combining Colorit-FX Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber.  Dilute this mixture with 4 parts water then apply over sculpture with a brush.  This Colorit-FX will penetrate into the surface and bind with the Winterstone.  While still damp dab with a sponge to mottle/blend the surface.  Allow to dry.

- Mix a darker surface patina by adding Colorit-FX Raw Umber to the existing diluted patina.  Apply into recessed areas of the sculpture with a brush.  This layer will also penetrate into the surface and bind with the Winterstone.  While still damp dab with a sponge to blend the surface.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.

- Using a soft bristle brass brush selectively burnish the high spots leaving the depressions and textured areas untouched.  The following day the sculpture can have another session of burnishing for a more metallic/glossy look.  

- Apply spray "fixative" sealer to burnished areas (e.g., Krylon brand Acrylic Clear Gloss.