What is Colorit-FX?

- Colorit-FX was developed by Boemar in collaboration with Winterstone International to provide an easy-to-use colorant that can be used integrally or topically for sculptural/architectural/special effects and traditional artworks.


Can I use Colorit-FX with anything?

- Colorit-FX may be used with any medium which mixes with water or has a water-based liquid component (i.e., gypsum and cement based mixes including Winterstone, latex rubber, etc.)

How do I use Colorit-FX as an integral colorant?

- Color-it FX is either added to the mix water or into the liquid component of the particular medium (i.e., latex rubber or resin).   The suggested maximum for integral use is 1 part of Colorit-FX to 4 parts water for a rich hue and lesser amounts for lighter tints/tones.

How do I use Colorit-FX as a topical colorant?

- Colorit-FX may be applied full strength or diluted with brush, cloth, sponge, etc..  

- An impasto effect can be created by adding some Winterstone Ultra Mix.  As the mixture is self-bonding, the application with brush, palette knife or spatula can be repeated over a period of days to achieve a significant "sculptural" effect in traditional paintings.

Why do you recommend testing?

- It is always a good idea to create small test objects to which the Colorit-FX can be integrally and/or topically colored to ensure the desired effect is achieved in the final sculptural work.

Does Colorit-FX affect pot life?

- Colorit-FX does slightly shortens the pot life of cement based mixes, including Winterstone. If desired Sodium Citrate is recommended in the amount of 1/2 teaspoon to 1 litre of the mix water. It does, also affect the pot life of quick setting materials like gypsum (i.e., Hydrocal, plaster, etc.).   Use of a the manufacturer's recommended retarder or accelerators may be used.

What colors does Colorit-FX come in?

- Black, white, cadmium red, red oxide, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, emerald green, burnt umber and raw umber.  With this range it is possible to mix and create almost any color you can imagine.